Ensure That Your Dehydrated Dog Treats Are High In These Elements

Ensure That Your Dehydrated Dog Treats Are High In These Elements

Ensure That Your Dehydrated Dog Treats Are High In These Elements

15 January 2020
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When you shop for healthy dehydrated dog treats for your family pet, it won't take you long to realize that there are many different products on the market. You can find this popular type of dog treat in local pet stores and from online vendors. As you evaluate the flavors, it's important to also be conscientious about buying a product with healthy ingredients. Some products are healthier than others, and just as you take pride in feeding your family members good food, you should take a similar approach with your four-legged family member. Don't be afraid to carefully evaluate the nutritional information on the packaging so that you can choose dog treats that are high in these elements.

Lean Protein

Protein is critical for dogs. While your everyday dog food likely offers a high amount of protein, it's important to choose dog treats that also offer this nutritional element. A dog's body uses protein in a number of ways, including to keep its muscles and bones healthy. Protein is also valuable for repairing the damage to tissues that comes with exercise, making it especially important for dogs that are active. Look for dehydrated dog treats that have lean sources of protein from poultry, fish, and lean cuts of beef.


It's also ideal if you can find dehydrated dog treats that provide a source of fiber. Fiber is integral to a number of functions in the dog's body, but its major benefit is helping with the digestive process. Like a human, a dog that doesn't get enough fiber in its diet may have trouble moving its bowels. In dehydrated dog treats, fiber typically comes from the inclusion of fruits and vegetables. Don't be surprised to see ingredients such as apples, carrots, peas, and other similar foods in this type of dog treat.


When you shop for food for your family, you might look to see what vitamins it contains. You should take the same approach as you evaluate different packages of dehydrated dog treats. Many of them will list the vitamins that are present in large amounts in their products. If you're planning to buy a few packages, try to take a well-rounded approach — for example, you might buy one product that has a high level of vitamin A and another that contains a lot of vitamin C. When you alternate giving these treats to your dog, you're giving it a variety of vitamins.

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