Ways That Your Cockapoo May Display Its Loyalty

Ways That Your Cockapoo May Display Its Loyalty

Ways That Your Cockapoo May Display Its Loyalty

19 November 2019
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Many dog breeds are known for their loyalty, and one breed that definitely fits into this category is the cockapoo. People often buy cockapoos because of their hypoallergenic nature and their small size but are pleased to realize that this is a breed that possesses a high degree of loyalty. You'll quickly learn that your new dog is not only loyal to you, but also to the other members of your family — including your children. Here are three ways that your cockapoo may display its loyalty.

Being Protective

There's no confusing a cockapoo for a guard dog, but you may be surprised to see just how protective your pet is because of its sense of loyalty. When someone comes to the door of your home, for example, your cockapoo might attempt to get to the door before you and it may be difficult to push the dog out of the way. When you're on a walk with your dog and you encounter a larger dog that is acting in an aggressive manner, your cockapoo might position itself between you and the other dog. As an owner, it can be a comforting and satisfying feeling to know that your dog's loyalty toward you includes adopting a protective attitude.

Staying Close To You

Some dog breeds are notorious for wandering and can be difficult for owners to control without the use of a leash. While good training is always critical to keeping a dog from wandering, you may notice that your cockapoo often stays close to you whether you're in the house or outside of it. This is another indicator of loyalty. For example, if you're in the kitchen making a meal, your cockapoo might curl up on the floor just a few paces away. Should you run upstairs to take a load of laundry out of the washing machine, the dog may follow you and lay down near where you're working.

Exhibiting Signs Of Jealousy

An additional sign of loyalty that you might notice with your cockapoo is that it gets a little jealous at times. Your dog vies for your affection and attention and repays you with its loyalty. If it's aware of you giving your attention toward another pet — perhaps a friend's dog while the friend is visiting — your cockapoo may show signs of jealousy. For example, it might attempt to get close to you so that you'll rub it instead of rub the other dog.

To learn more about cockapoos or find cockapoo puppies for sale, contact a local dog breeder.

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