Questions You May Have Before Buying A Lemon Spotted Beagle Puppy

Questions You May Have Before Buying A Lemon Spotted Beagle Puppy

Questions You May Have Before Buying A Lemon Spotted Beagle Puppy

22 May 2020
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Have you come upon some adorable lemon spotted beagle puppies for sale, and are you thinking adopting one might be the right move for you? These beagles are attractive dogs and they make lovely pets, but they are not that widely known, so you're likely to have a few questions before you buy one. Hopefully you're able to find the answers below.

Are lemon spotted beagles a separate breed?

It's a common misconception that these dogs belong to a separate breed from traditional beagles. Rather, the only thing that separates them from other beagles is their color. All of their other characteristics, from their mannerisms to their size, are the same as the characteristics of other beagles. So, if you like other beagles, you'll like having a lemon spotted beagle. And if beagles are not up your alley, a lemon spotted beagle will not be, either.

What color are lemon spotted beagle puppies?

They're not bright yellow as the name suggest. Rather, they are white with spots of tan, which is known among dog breeders as the color "lemon." Most lemon spotted beagle puppies are born pure white, and their spots slowly develop as they age. There are no solid-colored beagles, so do not worry. Even if your puppy is still all white when you pick him or her up, he or she will develop the characteristic spots over the coming year. Most lemon spotted beagles have two types of spots: big spots over their backs and bodies, and smaller spots, known as ticks, on their bellies.

Why do lemon spotted beagle puppies cost more than other beagles?

If you've been shopping around for a dog, you've probably noticed that the price tag for a lemon beagle is a lot higher for that that of a tri-color or blue tick beagle. This is simply due to the rarity of the color. The genes that call for lemon spotting are not common. Almost all beagles have some darker pigmentation, and lemon beagles are the exception. Breeders ask more because there is more demand for these rare dogs. If you are on a tight budget, you may wish to explore other beagle colors. Remember, the dogs' personalities and characteristics are the same.

Lemon spotted beagle puppies are adorable, both when they are young and as they grow older. Reach out to a breeder to learn more about these unique dogs, from raising them to registering them.

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