What Services Are Provided At An Animal Hospital?

What Services Are Provided At An Animal Hospital?

What Services Are Provided At An Animal Hospital?

27 September 2022
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Being a pet owner involves a lot of responsibility. This includes providing your pet with the necessary vet care as well as meeting all of their basic needs. While most pet owners can have vet care, such as vaccinations, spay or neuter services, grooming, and other basic needs, performed at a local vet office, there are times when more advanced care may be necessary. These are the times when it may be necessary to take a pet to an animal hospital instead. These are some of the services that are commonly provided at an animal hospital. 

24/7 Emergency Care

Animal hospitals offer care 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This is not always possible for smaller vet offices that may only have one or two veterinarians available to provide care. However, an animal hospital usually employs several veterinarians and vet assistants so that someone is available or on call at all times. This is especially helpful for those pet owners whose pets may have an unexpected illness or injury that requires immediate treatment.

Labor and Delivery Care

If a pet is about to deliver babies, it can be very stressful for both the pet and the pet owner. Some pet owners may not feel comfortable allowing a pet to deliver babies at home. Therefore, having an animal hospital available to take the pet to when it is close to delivery time is a much safer option. There will be a vet or vet assistant available to assist in the safe delivery of the babies or to perform an emergency Cesarean section if necessary.

Surgical Care

There are also various surgical procedures that are commonly performed at animal hospitals as well. If a pet has a broken bone or has swallowed an object that may be a health hazard, this may require surgery to repair. A local vet office may not be set up to provide surgery for pets, but an animal hospital normally has everything needed to successfully offer surgeries for pets. Other types of surgery may also include C-sections for deliveries, removal of damaged limbs that will not heal, or any kind of life-saving surgery that may be needed for a beloved pet.

Animal hospitals also provide a number of different treatments for pets who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. For example, when diagnosed with certain types of cancer, animal hospitals can also provide pets with chemotherapy treatments that may save their lives.

Contact a local animal hospital to learn more. 

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