2 Things To Look For When Visiting A Kennel A Few Days Before Boarding Your Dog

2 Things To Look For When Visiting A Kennel A Few Days Before Boarding Your Dog

2 Things To Look For When Visiting A Kennel A Few Days Before Boarding Your Dog

27 December 2022
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If you have to leave town for a few days, you may have discovered that you cannot take your dog with you. Because of this, you are looking at kennels in your area that can keep your pet while you are gone.

Especially if you have never left your dog in a boarding facility, you may be nervous about doing so because you do not know what to expect. If so, schedule a visit a few days before you need to leave so that you can see how a couple of things are managed before you board your dog there.

1. Check Out the Bedding Area to See If It Is Comfortable and Spacious Enough for Your Dog's Size

One thing you should do during your initial visit to the boarding facility is to check out the bedding area where your dog will sleep. This area should have an individual section for each dog that is clean and comfortable.

While looking at the area, also check to make sure that they have different size kennels that accommodate various dog sizes. The bedding area for your dog should be spacious enough that they can rest without feeling cramped up in a tiny space.

2. Look at the Play Areas to See If They Are Clean and Have Enough Toys and Equipment to Entertain Your Dog

After looking at the bedding area in the boarding facility, the next place you should investigate is where the dogs will play. Like the bedding areas, the play areas should be kept clean and free of waste.

Ideally, there should be an indoor play area as well as one located outside so the dogs can get some fresh air on nice days. Both play areas should have enough toys and equipment to keep the dogs entertained during their stay.

When you need to board your dog for a few days, visiting the facility a few days before you place them there can help you get an idea of what to expect. You can check out the area where they will rest to make sure that it is not only comfortable but also spacious enough to allow your dog to sleep without being cramped up. You should also take a look at the play areas to see if they are kept clean and have enough distractions available to keep your dog engaged and entertained. To set up an appointment for a precursory visit, speak with a representative of a dog boarding facility in your area.

Contact a dog boarding facility for more information. 

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