Why Mini Aussiedoodles Make Great Family Dogs

Why Mini Aussiedoodles Make Great Family Dogs

Why Mini Aussiedoodles Make Great Family Dogs

23 March 2023
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Do you have a mini Aussiedoodle puppy breeder near you? If so, you may want to go to them when you want a family dog. Aussiedoodles tend to be good family dogs, and miniature Aussiedoodles—which result from one parent being a miniature poodle rather than a standard poodle—are especially well suited to being family dogs.  Here are a few benefits of bringing home a puppy of this crossbreed to your family. 

They're a great size.

Miniature Aussiedoodles tend to be the perfect size for families. They are large enough that they are not easily injured if a child walks into them or drops a small toy on them. And yet they are small enough that when needed, you can pick them up. If you are also caring for a child or children, it is nice to be able to pick your dog up and carry them to the vet, lift them off the couch, and so forth rather than always having to hold them on a leash.

They are lively and energetic.

These pups get their energy levels from the shepherd side of their genetics. Their parents were bred for herding sheep, which is a very high-energy job. Even if they are a few generations away from actually working as sheep herding dogs, mini Aussiedoodles tend to retain that high-energy personality. They'll love running around the yard with your kids, doing laps around the living room, and going for long walks. No matter how lively your family is, these dogs can keep up!

They get along with everyone.

It's rare for a miniature Aussiedoodle to not like someone. As long as you socialize them when they are young, these dogs learn to love people. You don't have to worry if your child opens the door for a friend and the dog rushes over; they'll like the friend. You don't have to worry about leaving your kids alone with the dog—at least not once they are old enough to be alone with the dog safely. When you have a busy family, you need to trust that your dog is going to behave around everyone, and you can do that with a mini Aussiedoodle.

If you have a mini Aussiedoodle breeder near you, don't hesitate to pay them a visit. These small, energetic dogs make great family pets and will settle right in. 

For more information, contact a local mini Aussiedoodle breeder.

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